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Fare Sharing

Using phone apps, progressive urban commuters can now stand at bus stops and catch rides from solo car drivers that need two more people to zip through a high occupancy vehicle lane.

Fashion Freedom

Following a tragic factory collapse in Bangladesh, clothing retailers are beginning to open up about the overseas origins of the clothes they sell.

Wear It Well

Pioneering California programs such as “Grow Your Jeans” connect an eco-network, from fiber producers at the sheep farm up through clothing makers and consumers.

Cowabunga Dude

To counter the typical throw-away polyurethane surfboard, “heirloom surfboards” are being built of salvaged woods and organic resins, designed to last for decades.

Tech Trash

With 24 electronic devices in the average American home, we’re tossing out three million tons of highly toxic trash a year. Here’s how to recycle instead.

Clean Ride

Helpful tips make an at-home car wash both energy-efficient and thorough.

Suspect Sniffs

Some perfume fragrances contain dangerous synthetic and toxic ingredients that can enter the body through the skin and lungs. Here’s what to watch out for.

Thrifty Threads

The company’s new jeans contain recycled plastics, and the firm is sourcing eco-friendly cotton from the Better Cotton Imitative.

Gas Saver

Drivers have many ways to save money by coaxing more miles per gallon from their vehicle. It’s easy to adopt some simple driving and maintenance habits.

Toilet to Table

Using sewage sludge as fertilizer on the land that grows our food and feeds our livestock is legal, but critics question the safety of the practice. Here’s what consumers need to know.
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