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Feel Young, Live Long

British scientists report that seniors that feel at least three years younger than their chronological age have almost half the early death rate of those that say they feel more than a year older.

Digital ‘Blue Light’ Reading Disrupts Sleep Rhythms

Immersing ourselves in a tablet or computer before bedtime disturbs sleep patterns and may change our body’s natural circadian rhythms.

Spirituality is Beneficial for Cancer Patients

Cancer patients with strong religious or spiritual beliefs experience fewer symptoms, lower anxiety and distress, and stronger social health, researchers find.

Meditation Linked to Telomere Integrity in Cancer Patients

The chromosomal decline common in breast cancer is averted when patients either do yoga and meditate or participate in a therapy support group.

Brain-Lymphatic Discovery May Hasten Science

Scientists have found a set of lymphatic vessels that directly connect the brain to the immune system, opening new dimensions in disease research.

Colon Cancer Linked to Gut Bacteria

Two nasty strains of gut bacteria significantly increase the chances of getting colon cancer, University of Minnesota scientists have found.

Non-Natural Painkillers Double Depression Risk

Large doses of opioid medication significantly increase the danger of depression, a Veterans Administration study has found.

Smog Increases Stroke Risk

Particulates in the air can triple the stroke incidence among people that breathe it long-term.

Muscle-Building Supplements Linked to Testicular Cancer

Taking muscle-building supplements, especially when young, dramatically increases the danger of testicular cancer, Yale and Harvard researchers have found.

Call for Worldwide Protection from Wi-Fi Radiation

Concerned about links between electromagnetic fields and cancer, 190 scientists from 39 nations are calling for protective guidelines governing exposure.
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