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Vitamin E Hope for Cancer Care

The natural tocopherols in Vitamin E reduced the size of prostate cancer tumors in mice, raising the possibility of a pill for cancer prevention in humans.

Zinc Orchestrates Immune Response

Ohio State University researchers say zinc balances out the immune response in cells, preventing excessive inflammation and protecting against harmful infections.

Meditation Helps Heal Traumatized Veterans

In an eight-week study, vets that meditated daily for brief periods experience sharp reductions in symptoms of stress such as drinking, insomnia and depression.

Mindful Meditation Relieves Inflammation

In a new study, markers of the inflammation linked to many chronic diseases dropped via a mere eight weeks of meditation.

Acupuncture’s Growing Acceptance

A majority Americans—60 percent—consider acupuncture a viable treatment option, and one in 10 has made use of its therapeutic needles.

October is National Spinal Health Month

Those seeking relief from back pain and other common spine-related conditions may consider chiropractic care as an alternative medicine.

A Tribute to the American Elderberry

The International Society for Horticultural Science has named the elderberry its 2013 Herb of the Year.

Working Out Hot Flashes

A simple, no-cost measure may reduce this bothersome menopause symptom.

Alexander Technique Lessens Back Pain

The gentle awareness practice can identify and correct unconscious negative physical habits related to posture and movement, breathing and tension.

Parasite Protection

We can learn much from animal species that alter their diets and self-medicate naturally to protect themselves from parasites and other troublesome pests.
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