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The Trouble with Antidepressants

New findings suggest that antidepressants fall short because they’re aimed at the wrong targets in the brain.

White Tea Tops Herbal Charts

In a recent test to evaluate the health properties of extracts from 21 plant species, white tea considerably outperformed them all.

Celery as Nutrition Staple

Noted author and natural health advocate Dr. Andrew Weil sees celery as a versatile kitchen staple.

A Crush on Garlic

Research has found that freshly crushed garlic works better than garlic supplements or dried garlic when it comes to protecting heart health.

Chocolate Calms Emotions

A new clinical trial has found that regular consumptions of chocolate can lead to reduced levels of stress hormones.

Frankincense A Wise Man's Remedy

Researchers have now discovered that this relatively inexpensive herb has potential as a therapeutic aid for bladder cancer, the fourth most common type of cancer for men in the United States.

Harmonizes the Brain and Heals the Heart

Recent studies reveal how powerful music can be, from the impact it can have on the brain to its ability to help heal.

Yoga Helps Breast Cancer Patients Feel Better

Women who are suffering from breast cancer can find some relief by partaking in yoga.

Nature’s Prescription for ADHD

A new study shows that a dose of nature can make a great difference in the lives of children who find it difficult to complete tasks that require focus and concentration.

Cherries to the Rescue

For the millions of Americans who suffer from osteoarthritis, relief may come from a sweet summer fruit.
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