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Web-wise Giving

Searching the Internet and online shopping can now help causes across the country.

Multiple Faiths

Research is finding that many Americans attend religious services of multiple faiths, as well as attend services of faiths other than their own.

Shining the Spotlight on Our Successes

Sometimes we may feel doomed to repeat our mistakes, but not if we learn to look to our successes rather than our failures, suggests recent research.

Happiness Index

Nobel economists are encouraging countries to measure progress based on a society’s well-being, sustainability and the overall greatest happiness of its citizens.

We Care

A website is providing shoppers access to 800 retailers online, and then lets them donate a percentage of their purchase to their favorite charity at no cost to them.

Invest in Happy Memories

Can money buy happiness? Yes, suggests a recent psychology study—provided we are buying life experiences, rather than material possessions.

Advantage Cosmopolites

According to researchers, living in another country, a classic prescription for artists seeking to stimulate their imagination and hone their craft, may actually expand a person’s mental creativity.

Switching Religious Affiliations

A survey found that almost half of American adults have changed religious affiliation at least once during their lives.

Cowboy Churches

Texas is the epicenter of a welcoming, come-as-you-are, 40-year-old faith movement that’s grown gangbusters in the past decade.

Ethical Era

Business college graduates across the country are taking vows to act ethically in their professional careers and to consider a corporation's affect on its community and the public, its workers and the environment.
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