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Radical Fuel

Toyota, Hyundai and Honda are introducing fuel-cell cars that can reach speeds of 100 miles per hour without pollution or the noise of a roaring engine.

Best Weddings

A ceremony can affirm a couple’s love for the planet as well as for each other.

CO2-Correct Food

A list of planet-sustainable foods by Scottish nutritionists favors fruit, vegetables and legumes over dairy and meat.

Greenwashing Watchdog

Companies that are labeling their products with phony health claims are being brought to court by the nonprofit soap maker.

Beyond Bling

Valentine Day’s jewelry can gift the Earth, too, if we bypass newly-mined metals to choose recycled, antique and heirloom jewelry.

Handy Curriculum

The decline in woodshop classes means that many students lack basic manual competence and don’t know how to fix things; learning how leads to jobs.

Genuinely Greenwashed

Hidden tradeoffs, outright fibs and more good reasons to look twice at “green” claims before plunking down our money.

Tagging Toxins

A new web site offers up-to-date information on toxic chemicals that might be lurking in food, baby products, furniture and other items we buy.


A Washington company has stopped selling bamboo clothing after a federal report found little if any bamboo in labeled products.

Second Verse

Paraguay children that live off the waste in landfills have turned garbage into music and are playing around the world.
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