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Raisins Yield Pressure Relief

For individuals seeking a natural way to keep slightly elevated blood pressure in check, eating a handful of raisins each day might do the trick.

Mate Tea Fights Colon Cancer

Bioactive compounds in this South American tea may help fight inflammation and colon cancer.

Wondrous Watermelon

This cool, juicy summertime treat offers surprising health benefits.

Spuds Lower Blood Pressure

Potatoes as health food? Yes, when cooked and served right.

Sweet Stuff Combats Infections

New research suggests it may clear chronically infected wounds and help reverse bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

Green Veggies Boost Immunity

Here’s another reason to have second helpings of bok choy, broccoli and other healthful greens: They protect the immune cells of the gut.

Kudos for Bacteria-Busting Coriander

The health-enhancing oil from this aromatic plant busts bacteria and may prove to be a natural antibiotic.

Seaweed Loves the Heart

Seaweed and other microalgae may rival milk products as a source of bioactive peptides that reduce blood pressure.

Science Confirms Benefits of Herbal Brews

Do America’s favorite herbal teas really aid well-being? Learn what USDA-funded researchers have to say.

Tangerines’ Tangible Gifts

These sweet, seasonal treats may protect against obesity and Type 2 diabetes.
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