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Pine Bark Extract Reduces Perimenopausal Symptoms

Symptoms such as restless legs and hot flashes were reduced by using pine bark extract in two recent studies.

Essential Oils Effective in Fighting Candida, MRSA

In recent studies, sage and dill essential oils inhibited Candida, and grapefruit seed extract and geranium oil dampened the spread of bacteria-resistant MRSA.

Mindfulness Meditation Reduces the Urge to Light Up

After five hours of mindfulness training, smokers amped up self-control to the point of smoking 60 percent less.

Tapping Acupressure Points Heals Trauma in Vets

A technique that involves tapping the body’s acupressure points while focusing on painful memories cut trauma symptoms in vets by 90 percent.

Multivitamins with Selenium Counter HIV

People with HIV taking a daily multivitamin and selenium for two years had better blood tests and fewer health problems.

Olive Leaf Outperforms Diabetes Drug

Olive leaf extract outperformed a common diabetes drug in reducing insulin resistance in at-risk adults, according to a New Zealand study.

Vitamin E Hope for Cancer Care

The natural tocopherols in Vitamin E reduced the size of prostate cancer tumors in mice, raising the possibility of a pill for cancer prevention in humans.

Zinc Orchestrates Immune Response

Ohio State University researchers say zinc balances out the immune response in cells, preventing excessive inflammation and protecting against harmful infections.

Meditation Helps Heal Traumatized Veterans

In an eight-week study, vets that meditated daily for brief periods experience sharp reductions in symptoms of stress such as drinking, insomnia and depression.

Mindful Meditation Relieves Inflammation

In a new study, markers of the inflammation linked to many chronic diseases dropped via a mere eight weeks of meditation.
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