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Resveratrol Can Aid Prostate Cancer Treatment

The heart-boosting compound found in grape skins and red wine makes prostate tumor cells more susceptible to being zapped by radiation.

Flavonoids Protect Men Against Parkinson’s

Men regularly consuming flavonoid-rich foods such as apples, red wine, berries and teas cut their risk of Parkinson’s by 40 percent, reports the journal Neurology.

Fruits and Veggies Can Help Us Kick Butts

Smokers trying to kick the habit were a whopping three times as likely to be cigarette-free after 14 months if they ate lots of produce.

Garlic May Help Alleviate Cystic Fibrosis

Crushed garlic releases powerful natural antibiotic compounds that may help damp down a process that destroys lung tissue in young cystic fibrosis patients.

Turmeric Acts Against Cancer

A favored seasoning throughout history, the pungent spice can also restrict the formation of metastases and help keep prostate cancer in check.

Citrus Fruits Lower Risk of Stroke

Consuming oranges and grapefruit may lower the risk of ischemic strokes (clots), especially in women.

Raisins Yield Pressure Relief

For individuals seeking a natural way to keep slightly elevated blood pressure in check, eating a handful of raisins each day might do the trick.

Mate Tea Fights Colon Cancer

Bioactive compounds in this South American tea may help fight inflammation and colon cancer.

Wondrous Watermelon

This cool, juicy summertime treat offers surprising health benefits.

Spuds Lower Blood Pressure

Potatoes as health food? Yes, when cooked and served right.
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