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Bottled Gold

With so many choices when it comes to choosing which oil to cook with, we need to be aware that some oils are more useful than others, in terms of light, healthy and flavorful cooking.

Green Foods

Which is better for our health: fresh greens or “greenfoods,” dehydrated vegetables in powder or pill form? It’s up to us, as individual consumers, to learn more about the choices and make informed decisions.

Choosing Sustainable Seafood

The choices we make at restaurants and markets can help save our seas while benefiting our health.

Radiant Tresses

Healthy hair is a beautiful sight to behold on man, woman or child. Here are 10 key nutrients to healthy hair, and most can be found in a good breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Master Cleanse for Waste Loss

While weight loss is a result of The Master Cleanse, it’s just one of the beneficial side effects of using this program. Its main attraction is the ability to assist the body in healing itself.

Managing Moods with Foods

It’s not our imagination—more people these days are in “pissy” moods. Folks are more irritable, angry, anxious, impulsive and distracted than they used to be. Learn how the mounting stresses of modern life and the deterioration in eating habits are to blame.

Satisfying Summer Smoothies

Fruit smoothies have come of age and gone main stream to the point that they now rival coffees as a daily drink of choice. They’re quick, portable, filling and, of course, naturally nutritious.

Getting Our Fat Facts Straight

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