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Do The Vacuum Boogie...

Just 20 minutes of physical activity a week—which includes housework—is enough to get those feel-good hormones dancing.

Yoga Helps Prevent Falls

A new study suggests that certain Iyengar yoga poses also improve balance and stability and help prevent falls, a leading cause of nonfatal injuries and hospital admissions for trauma in the elderly.

Build Muscle with Weightlifting Lite

Using lighter weights and more reps is a safe way to boost strength.

Tidy House, Fitter Body

A new study at Indiana University suggests that how tidy we keep our home can also indicate how fit we are.

Train Less to Run Faster

Introducing speed endurance work into a regimen and reducing the amount of training may help runners improve their performance results.

Yoga Boosts Heart Health

Research supports a direct link between the regular practice of yoga and heart health.

Yoga May Decrease Dowager’s Hump

New study shows that practicing yoga may lead to less spine curvature in the elderly.

Tai Chi Lessens Arthritis Pain

New research suggests that arthritis sufferers may benefit from regular Tai Chi exercise.

Yoga’s Mindfulness Helps Control Weight

Research suggests that adding yoga practice to a standard weight-loss program may both make it more effective and promote eating behavior that is healthy and empowering.

Yoga’s Mindfulness Helps Control Weight

New research has found that yoga teaches mindful eating, causing those who practice it to gain less weight than those who do not.
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