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Popular Fitness Myths

Fitness advice is everywhere these days—and much of the most common advice is simply wrong-headed.

Fitness Finds

To make the right choice, take into account a health club’s location, equipment and culture—and then take it for a test drive.

Interval Training Knocks Down Blood Sugar

Working out three days a week in intense bursts, whether sprinting, rope-skipping, or running up stairs, improves fitness and reduces abdominal fat.

Find Your Fitness Style

When it comes to fitness, one size doesn’t fit all. Which of these six personality types are you—and how might you adapt your routine so you happily get regular exercise?

Cellulite Shrinkers

Sure, it takes a little effort, but doing these straightforward routines will build leg muscles and reduce unsightly lumps and dimples.

Breath-Taking Wisdom

Breathing with intention works to reduce stress, diminish pain and clear out mental cobwebs.

Say Yes to Yoga

We often start doing yoga to realize greater flexibility but its deeper benefits include calmness, better relationships and a feeling of vibrant connection with the Divine.

Runner’s Hi

These days, with women comprising a majority of marathon runners, the emerging mantra is “Forget elapsed running time; just cross the finish line and have fun doing it.”

Good Clean Fun Water Sports

It’s hard to enjoy the water when it’s littered with plastic trash and other flotsam—which is why sports lovers across the country are rallying to collect floating and submerged debris.

Moveable Feet

Smart strategies, from breathing deep to using poles to ditching texting, make it easier to hit the ground for wellness.
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