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Cloves Inhibit Cancer Growth

Clove extract stopped the development of ovarian, cervical, liver, colon breast and pancreatic cancers in recent Chinese lab experiments.

Mindfulness Meditation Lowers Blood Pressure

Just 15 minutes of mindfulness meditation a day lowered four markers of hypertension in a study of 15 African-American men.

Acupuncture Treats Prostate Enlargement

Chinese researchers report that acupuncture and a prescribed heat therapy were 89 percent effective in treating symptoms of benign enlarged prostate.

Pain and Depression Ebb with Flotation Therapy

After floating twelve times in sensory-deprivation tanks, Swedish subjects reported less depression, lower pain and better sleep.

Acupuncture Increases Quality of Life for Allergy Sufferers

Hay fever sufferers receiving acupuncture plus medication reported a better quality of life than those only receiving drugs.

Ginkgo Biloba Calms ADHD, Boosts Memory

In two new studies, ginkgo biloba improved brain functioning in hyperactive German children and boosted memory processes in older Americans.

Meditation Minimizes Migraines

After eight weeks of mindfulness meditation classes, migraine sufferers experienced fewer, shorter and less painful headaches.

Eucalyptus Oil Inhibits Spread of TB

Several compounds in eucalyptus oil halted the spread of tuberculosis germs by 90 percent in a University of Illinois study.

Phototherapy Reduces Knee Pain

Patients receiving 12 pulsed laser phototherapy sessions experienced much less pain and a better quality of life.

Mistletoe Extract Benefits Pancreatic Cancer Patients

A three-times-a-week dose of European mistletoe lengthened the survival rate of patients with highly advanced pancreatic cancer to 4.6 months, compared to 2.7 months for a control group.
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