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Solving Hunger

French supermarkets are now mandated to donate unsold food to charities or animal feed instead of throwing it away, generating mighty cuts in hunger and food waste.

Green Thanksgiving

We can make the holidays even more joyful with choices that celebrate life, from local foods and vegetarian options to Native American prayers.

Fossil Free

Hydrogen fuels, which produce zero emissions, are in testing to operate Chinese trams.

Happy Eco-Birthday!

The most memorable birthday parties make us feel good, and going green makes them feel even better.

Trendy Transit

As trains and buses grow more popular, cities are expanding their fleets and adding more routes.

Dirty Dollars

Four out of five items in dollar stores contain at least one hazardous chemical, a study’s found.

Tool Pool

In a new development in the sharing economy, Maine farmers have started a “lending library” of pricey but periodically invaluable farm tools and machines.


Eight restaurants in Maplewood, Missouri, have voluntarily adopted strict sustainability and green business practices.

Raised Right

We can honor our mother—and respectfully bow to future generations—by giving flowers that are homegrown or purchased pesticide-free.

Sustainable Shopping Tips

Although American food buying has improved, compared to other countries we still buy the most processed food as well as fewer fruits and vegetables.
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