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Pet Trusts

These legal documents ensure that your pet will receive proper care, in case you predecease your beloved companion.

Canine Water Babies

These 10 tips let you and your best friend splash out in worry-free fun, whether wading in a stream, boating or visiting the beach.

A Better Pooper Scooper

Whether you’re a thoughtful pooper scooper or still working to reform, when you scoop pet poop, you have three choices of how to properly dispose of it.

Forbidden Creatures

Author Peter Laufer exposes the illegal network of hunters, traders, breeders and customers who negatively impact the lives of wild animals and the environment.

Canine Humor

Dogs show what may be fairly called a sense of humor, as distinct from mere play, and different breeds have different funny bones.

How to Keep a Dog Forever Young

To pet lovers, the disparity between human and canine life spans seems unfair. Efforts to help dogs stay healthy not only keeps them around longer, but pays dividends in also keeping them in as youthful shape as possible.

Eco-Friendly Aquariums

Not all aquariums are created equal when it comes to sustainability. Energy used to run filters and lights is a major concern. Where the fish originate is another, as well as where they go at the end of the relationship.

Polite Leash Walking

A dog pulling on a leash is a common, but curable problem. You can teach your dog how to walk politely on a leash, using firm, positive approaches.

Pet Love

These mindful tips will help bring balance to beloved animals’ lives, as well as our own.

Easy Breathing Aids Dog Training

Paying attention to the breath is one of the best ways to increase concentration, and the single most important tool in developing and maintaining focus and control when interacting with a dog in any manner.
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