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Good Move

China is using a campaign by Hollywood icons Arnold Schwarzenegger and James urge its citizens to eat half as much meat.

Eco-Toy Story

Planet-friendly toys are both more sustainable and often more entertaining for youngsters.

Bleep Cheap

Rather than buying inexpensive faddish items for special occasions and sticking them in the back of our closets, there are smart ways we can shop well and stay green.

Biodegradable Bottle

An Icelandic student has invented a water bottle made of red algae and water that, unlike plastic bottles, will decompose naturally and quickly.

Bright Idea

MIT scientists have found a way of recycling the energy within incandescent light bulbs, aiming to make them even more efficient than compact fluorescent bulbs.

Vegan Leather

To know that no cow, sheep, or goat was killed to make our shoes is a convincing reason to buy footwear made with material combinations that are people- animal- and planet-friendly.

Green Wedding

To kick off married life in a planet-friendly fashion, try natural settings, bubble-blowing and acoustic music.


This summer New York will lease 500 solar-powered foods trucks to vendors that currently consume petrochemicals to drive, power equipment and cook food.

Ocean Wear

Waste and debris pulled from the ocean, including plastic, yarn, fibers, and fishing nets, will be woven into some Adidas shoes this year.


We can make our Joe-to-go more planet-friendly by foregoing the paper cups and plastic stirrers.
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