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Yoga’s Mindfulness Helps Control Weight

New research has found that yoga teaches mindful eating, causing those who practice it to gain less weight than those who do not.

We Are What We Drink

When it comes to weight loss, what we drink may be more important than what we eat.

A Novel That Helps Kids Lose Weight

The first study to look at the impact of literature on obese adolescents produced surprising results.

The Lowdown On Ad Glut

Research shows a ban on fast food advertisements in the United States could benefit the health of its youth.

Lose Anger, Lose Weight

A study suggests men who are angry and hostile pack on more pounds over time than women or their less angry, more laid-back peers.

Conquering Cravings

Research suggests that we can get cravings under control by taking a short, brisk walk.

Season and Sniff to Shed Pounds

Research suggests that seasoning our food, taking a sniff before biting and then chewing well can help people to lose unwanted pounds.

The 100-Calorie Diet Trap

Chronic dieters are alerted to beware of products labeled "mini packs."

Slender Women Eat Yogurt

A study showed that women who eat yogurt have a body mass index 15 percent lower than those of nonyogurt eaters.

Think Twice

A study determined that weight gained during an exercise hiatus can be unexpectedly tough to shed.
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