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To Stay Sharp, Keep Moving

Aerobic exercise does double duty: It helps the heart and boosts the brain.

Juggling Bumps Up Brainpower

Can learning to juggle—a fun and easily mastered activity—help grow the brain? Researchers offer surprising news.

Memory and the Pill

University of California researchers note that birth control bills can alter memory.

Does Yawning Cool the Brain?

New research suggests that beyond signaling fatigue or boredom, yawning might be a physical reaction to cool an “overheated” brain.

Meditation Boosts Brain Power

The practice may slow down aging-related brain atrophy, perhaps by positively affecting the immune system.

See the Good

Can savoring happy memories help us create present happiness?

Blueberries Jumpstart Memory

A research team reports that blueberries may hold the key to enhanced brain function.

Trans-Fats and Depression Linked?

A new study notes that individuals consuming diets high in saturated and trans-fats may be at increased risk.

Brain-Boosting Beet Juice

Drinking the rich, red elixir increases blood flow to the brain and may help combat dementia.

Dream on… and Learn Better

Dreams may be the brain’s way of integrating and understanding new information.
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