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Family Games Generate Goodwill All Year

With novel online approaches, we can have fun together while donating rice, preserving waterways, and farming a virtual plot in Africa.

A Father’s Love is Critical

Worldwide, a father’s love contributes just as much, if not more, to a child’s development than a mother’s love.

Thanks, Dad

Norway’s liberal paternity leave policy, pappapermisjon, assumes fathers are equal to mothers and allows for seamless child care.

20-Second Trust Factor

Guess what? First impressions not only count—they also help us detect whether a stranger is genetically inclined to be compassionate, trustworthy or kind.

Youth Perspective

A multi-faith study says that young people find it hard to reconcile their religion with their sexuality.

Sacred Vows

A new Rasmussen Reports survey finds that most Americans take a positive view of marriage.

Friends Can Add Sizzle to Your Romance

Dating duos that integrate other couples into their social life appear to have happier relationships.

Play Together, Stay Together

That old adage is true: Families that share leisure time activities develop closer intergenerational bonds.

Marriage Modes

Good news: The family—in all its emerging varieties—remains resilient.

Good Fathering

A recent study attests that fathers who change diapers and engage in a range of playful activities with their young children stay more involved as their offspring grow older.
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