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Stop Drops

Water leaks can damage homes and silently siphon money out of household budgets, but there are simple ways to detect and fix them.

Eco-Fireplace Tips

Low-emission, petroleum-free cordwood made out of compressed sawdust, nutshells and even olive pits is a good first step to ecologically sound fires.

Tweet Treats

Garnishing outdoor trees with edibles for birds helps them thrive through the cold winter.

Heirloom Home

New-to-us decorative items, air-freshening plants, and artful rearrangements offer creative ways to spruce up living spaces.

Safer Sleep

Polymers found in crustacean shells can retard fires in bedding and mattresses, replacing the endocrine disrupters now in widespread use in the U.S.

Pivot Point

Better manufacturing is reducing the coal-powered electricity necessary to produce solar panels.

Solar Socket

A solar-powered device called the Window Socket, which attaches to a windowpane via a suction cup, can charge cell phones even at night.


An innovative, easily duplicated house built in a foreclosure-heavy neighborhood in Washington, D.C., consumes 90 percent less energy than conventional homes, for a competitive price tag of $250,000.

Getting the Lead Out

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently redefined the “action level” for lead exposure in children.

Dishpan Plants

“Gray water” from household sinks, washing machines and showers could provide a new, low-cost source of irrigation for landscape plants that reduces their need for fertilizer.
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