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I’m Stuck!

When we make New Year’s resolutions, we are promising to become unstuck. But, according to a study, only 63 percent of us manage to keep those resolutions. Here are some tips to help you get and stay unstuck.

Prayer Workouts

ActivPrayer is a fitness program that integrates body, mind and soul, enlarging perspectives while enhancing well-being.

Everyday Grace

The simplest experiences can help us tap into the Divine, discerning the miraculous in the mundane.

The Global Coherence Hypothesis

By practicing simple coherence techniques, can we manifest harmonious intentions and create a worldwide shift toward balance and peace? HeartMath cofounder Howard Martin says, “Yes.”

The Gratitude Campaign

A new campaign is spreading the word about a gesture or sign, similar to a military salute, that can be used to express our gratitude to those serving our country.

Tech Sabbath

Across the country, Americans are starting to think about how a constant stream of electronic communications affects the quality of their lives—and many are consciously unplugging every once in a while.

Eco-Film Picks

Natural Awakenings picks five films highly favored for their clear message, entertainment value and motivating call to action.

Populist Pundit

Jim Hightower takes on the high and mighty with some down-home political wisdom.

Creative Expression

Mounting scientific evidence makes it clear that personal creative expression, once perceived as a luxury, sideline or hobby in our busy lives, is in fact a keystone of our most healthy and worthwhile activities.

A Woman's Guide to Financial Health

A growing number of women are looking beyond the traditional world of personal finance to summon emotions, spirituality, intuition and personal values in the pursuit of economic abundance.
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