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Long Weekends

Utah has officially become the first state to experiment with reducing energy costs and commuter gasoline expense by switching 17,000 of 24,000 executive branch government employees to a 40-hour, four-day work week.

Dumpster Diving

Frugalists hate to see waste and find plenty of places to score the stuff they need. Self-proclaimed frugans search dumpsters behind food stores.

Green Wedding Traditions

Eco-friendly customs and traditions from other nations offer stand-out global strategies.

Global Dividend

Eliminating natural gas “flares” could save money and energy while cutting emissions. Political will and investment incentives are key.


A new report by the European Commission proposes to eliminate gas- and diesel-powered cars and trucks by 2050.

California Dreamin’

The Golden State has set strong standards for green energy that must be met by 2020.

Sustainable Future

Some 41 million consumers are part of the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) demographic that eco- and health-conscious companies and entrepreneurs are courting.

Bicycle Economy

Across the U.S., pedal power is growing as bikeway networks emerge and on-street parking becomes wheel-friendly.

A-Peeling Reuse

A rind is a terrible thing to waste—try these practical recycling tips for fruit and veggie scraps.

Savvy Switch

Tap or bottled – Which water wins? Surprising results from a four-year study by the National Resources Defense Council.
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