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Nature’s Viagra

A study shows that eating watermelon may enhance libido in much the same way that Viagra does.

Colorful Diet

Mounting evidence increasingly suggests that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can help keep bones strong, especially as people age.

Black Raspberries Fight Cancer

Freeze-dry black raspberries to increase their cancer-fighting properties tenfold.

Pectin Power

Scientists have found a possible new explanation for why people who eat more fruits and vegetables have higher resistance to the spread of cancer.

New Role for Chicken Soup

Scientists have found that chicken soup, long a popular home remedy for the common cold, may have a new role.

Brain Insurance

A nutrient found in meat, fish and milk, may protect against loss of brain volume.

Grapes Protect the Heart

A new study reveals tantalizing clues to the heart-healthy power of grapes.

Asparagus Aphrodisiac

There was a good reason bridegrooms were served three courses of asparagus at their prenuptial dinner in 19th-century France.

For Love and Heart

Dark chocolate comprises a true gift of the heart, both pleasing the palate and keeping the risk of heart disease at bay.

Oregano Fights Inflammation

Scientists have discovered that this herb contains substances that help alleviate inflammation in the body.
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