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Healthy Metal

The surprising new strategy for fighting the deadly surge in hospital-acquired infections is the presence of copper. When placed in intensive care units, it cut the problem by half.

Plasticizer Undermines Heart Cell Functioning

The chemical DEHP, used in household plastics and food packages, shifts rat heart cells into increased use of fatty acids, also increasing the risk of heart failure.

Don’t Worry, Be Healthy

Looking on the bright side can slash the risk of cardiovascular troubles in half, Harvard researchers have found.

PSA Testing Controversy

Routine screening for prostate cancer can do more harm than good, says a national task force, but some doctors disagree.

Fewer Scans May Lower Breast Cancer Risk

A recent report issued by the Institute of Medicine identified two factors that increased the risk of breast cancer: post-menopausal hormone replacement therapy and radiation exposure from medical imaging.

The Exercise Advantage

New research suggests that regular physical exercise—including simple walking—may boost brain health even more than doing the daily crossword puzzle.

A Bus Pass to Green Well-Being

A UK study found that British seniors using free bus passes were also more likely to walk or cycle frequently, which may increase fitness and social interactions.

A Diet for Healthy Bones

The first randomized study of its type identifies which type of healthy diet may be associated with increased serum levels of osteocalcin, a protein vital to bone formation.

Why We Might Need More Vitamin C

Recent compelling research suggests that higher levels of vitamin C could help reduce certain chronic health problems and their underlying causal issues.

Bad Fats Are Brain-Busters

Saturated fats from red meat and butter may be associated with a decline in cognitive function and memory in older women.
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