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Nostalgia Arms Us for the Future

Thinking wistfully about the past makes us more optimistic about the future and sparks joy and higher self-regard.

Early Warnings of Heart Troubles Differ for Women

The distinctive warning signs of heart attacks in women may explain why women are slower to recognize the need for treatment.

A Different Breathalyzer Test for Heart Failure

Simply blowing into a Mylar balloon (similar to the party versions) can help detect heart disease when the air is run through a special machine for a “breathprint.”

Vitamin C Halves Colds in Athletes

Marathoners, skiers and soldiers in subarctic climates slash their risk of colds with daily doses of vitamin C.

The Toxic Side of Tylenol

More than 26,000 hospitalizations and 450 deaths from liver failure are linked to Tylenol annually; and that’s just part of the bad news.

Mammograms Carry Cancer Risk

These low-energy X-rays cause cell damage and the current paradigm is prone to over-diagnosis and risky overtreatment.

Happy Life, Healthy Heart

No matter our age, weight or smoking status, feeling upbeat reduces the danger of heart attacks and strokes.

Digital Detox

A national drive is underway to separate children, even if briefly, from the digital devices that work to distract thinking and pull down grades.

Cavities are Contagious

Kiss with care. It turns out that cavities can be passed along that way, as well as by sharing utensils and toothbrushes or even drinking out of the same glass.

Never Too Old to Quit

Smokers who kick that habit in their 60s, 70s and 80s still extend their life expectancy, while of those that continue smoking, one in two dies of the habit.
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