September 2011

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Global Briefs

Radio Daze

Join 170 Million Americans in their support of public radio and TV stations by taking action at this website.

Jaws Cause

Governments around the world are taking much-needed action to protect sharks, which keep marine ecosystems healthy.

Green Seal

These new labels from the environmental certification organization signal safe personal care products.

Sea Power

Harnessing tidal currents on the seafloor may be the wave of the future for electrical power.

Gas Savings

Try these six tips to realize your own gas savings.

Brew Aha

Tea bags help account for some 1,500 tons of landfill waste annually. Try these healthful and creative re-uses before giving your bags the old heave-ho.

Youth Perspective

A multi-faith study says that young people find it hard to reconcile their religion with their sexuality.
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Health Briefs

Living Abroad Boosts Creativity

Multicultural Learning Provides Inspiration

Better Bones for Kids with Celiac Disease

A Gluten-Free Diet Rebuilds Bone Mass

Minty Relief for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

This Herb Can Bring Ease

Young Artists and Scientists May Think Alike

No Significant Differences Found Between the Two

The Write Stuff Eases Anxiety

Jot Down Your Fears to Release Yourself From Them

Exercise Pinches Salt’s Effects

Use Physical Activity to Counter Your Intake

Tai Chi Can Turn Depression Around

Try This Gentle Mind-Body Medicine

Electromagnetic Therapy Lifts the Blues

Increase the Release of Mood-Enhancing Chemicals

Children at Risk for Eating Disorders

Many Kids are Turning to Self-Induced Vomitting

Benefit-Boosting Broccoli Sprouts

Packed with Cancer-Fighting Enzymes
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Gluten: Trust Your Gut

While gluten sensitivity presents less serious negative health effects than celiac disease, its host of symptoms can become problematic.
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Fit Body

Sound Yoga Practices

The consciously positive singer/songwriter and environmental activist Michael Franti has been practicing yoga for 11 years.

Natural Awakenings Yoga Guide

Yoga, a holistic art and practice that originated some 5,000 years ago in India, aims to integrate mind, body and spirit and offers healthful benefits to individuals of every age and physical condition. This guide offers a brief introduction to the many styles of yoga that are being taught today.
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Conscious Eating

Gluten-Free Baking

Here’s how to shop for gluten-free foods, the scoop on safe-to-eat flours, plus yummy gluten-free recipes.
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Green Living


This eco-conscious celebrity fashion model is taking “green threads” and a sustainable lifestyle mainstream.

Green Chic

Innovation is shaping every facet of the eco-fashion industry—watch for these trend-setting, eco-wise textiles.
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Music in the Key of Love

Deva Premal and Miten travel to some 20 countries each year performing sacred music for their fans, or as Deva refers to them, "fellow travelers sharing a spiritual journey to the same direction."

A Path to True Insight

Try this approach the next time you face a difficult decision or dilemma—it will help you discern wishful thinking from true intuitive intelligence.

Handmade Happiness

Participating in craftwork gives us a sense of confidence and completeness that’s often lacking in our fast-paced, digital world.

Creative Therapy

Making things by hand engages the brain in special ways.

Practice Makes Perfect

Making time for making things continues to pay big benefits in today’s world.
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Wise Words

Putumayo World

Putumayo World Music founder Dan Storper shares his thoughts on the uplifting, culture-sharing benefits of international music.
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Healthy Kids

Artful Kids

Hands-On Creativity Nurtures Mind, Body and Spirit
Hands-on creativity helps kids think, reason and express themselves—and helps them develop physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.
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Natural Pet

Pet Trusts

These legal documents ensure that your pet will receive proper care, in case you predecease your beloved companion.