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Techniques for Preserving Food

County extension agencies within each state’s department of agriculture provide free information on techniques for preserving food, together with recipes and recommended local ingredients. Helpful online sources also abound; here are some websites to get started.


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Black Raspberries Bolster Heart Health

In a Korean study, the robust compounds in black raspberries significantly decreased artery stiffness and increased cells that help repair blood vessels.

Vitamin C-Rich Produce Guards Against Cataracts

In a British study of twins, those that consumed the most fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C developed fewer cataracts than their sibling.

Surf to Turf

In places like Michigan and Nebraska, fish ponds are blooming—and making it safe for us to eat farm-raised fish again.

Chamomile Tea Helps Us Live Longer

In a seven-year study, Mexican-American women that often sipped chamomile tea dramatically reduced their rate of an earlier demise.

Savoring the Sun

The mounting desire to eat locally grown food, know what’s in our food and reduce our carbon footprint, as well as shrinking household budgets, are contributing to a renaissance in home food preservation.
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