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Home Depot Collects CFLs for Recycling

Home Depot stores have launched a nationwide program to help people recycle compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL). “With more than 75 percent of households located within 10 miles of a Home Depot store,” according to a company spokesman, there’s no excuse not to recycle these bulbs.

Energy-wise, CFLs are far better for the pocketbook and environment than traditional incandescent bulbs. But, like any fluorescent, their mercury content makes them a toxic hazard in an incinerator or landfill. Thus, the need for proper recycling ensues.

In a related move, this fall, Home Depot is switching all of its U.S. light fixture showrooms to CFL technology. With nearly 2,000 locations, this change alone will save the company $16 million a year in energy costs.

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