September 2008

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Global Briefs

Happy Birthday

Members of the Institute of Noetic Sciences persevere on the frontier of witnessing the revolution in human understanding about the nature of consciousness and human capacities.

Pollution Solution

Required Viewing

Earth Cinema Circle’s documentary, King Corn, reveals the politics behind the subsidized crop that drives our fast-food nation.

Long Weekends

Utah has officially become the first state to experiment with reducing energy costs and commuter gasoline expense by switching 17,000 of 24,000 executive branch government employees to a 40-hour, four-day work week.

Performance Poets

Dozens of teams from across North America and Europe converged on Madison, Wisconsin last month for the 2008 edition of National Poetry Slam, the genre’s flagship event.

Dumpster Diving

Frugalists hate to see waste and find plenty of places to score the stuff they need. Self-proclaimed frugans search dumpsters behind food stores.

No Status Quo

Creativity is gaining recognition as a way for businesses to improve the bottom line and keep employees satisfied.
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Health Briefs

Think Purple

Think Red Cabbage

Blueberries Jumpstart Memory

This Favorite Food Keeps our Brains Sharp

Do The Vacuum Boogie...

...To Boost Mental Health

Move Over Chicken

Why Veggies are Better for Your Muscles

Cherries for the Heart

More than a Sweet Treat

Yoga Helps Prevent Falls

The Elderly Can Get Even More from the Practice

Can Money Buy Happiness?

A Recent Survey Says Yes
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Drumming Circles a Hit

Drumming circles can be useful in physical and psychological therapy as well as an outlet for expression.
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Fit Body

Disc Golf

Today, disc golf is a worldwide, organized sport, with more than 2,500 dedicated outdoor courses in the US alone, complete with competitions, celebrities and fans.
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Conscious Eating

Honey Almighty

One of the oldest sweeteners used by man, honey remains a perennial favorite for good reason, with far more to recommend it than just savoring its sweetness.
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Green Living

Know the Forest and the Trees

Most of today’s furniture comes from illegally harvested wood, often clearcut from Earth’s rainforests. It’s up to green commerce to step up to save this treasure.

The Best Furniture is Green

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Spiritual Shift

Make Your Life a Work of Art

Creativity is often perceived as a blessing bestowed upon those who call themselves artists. Observed and encouraged in most children, creativity seems to disappear when playful youngsters become responsible adults. Where does it go?
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Healthy Kids

Healthful Harmonies

All Ages Benefit from the Power of Rhythm and Sound
There are endless ways we can bring music into children’s lives to enrich overall well-being and quality of life.
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Natural Pet

Why More Offices are Going to the Dogs

Pet-friendly workplaces are on the rise as part of a shift to make more fun and fulfilling work environments.