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Aging Gracefully

Good Ways to Care for Pets in their Golden Years
Our beloved companions deserve quality of life as they grow older. Learn to recognize the signs of aging and how to ensure pets’ comfort and vitality as the years go by.

Cardiac Care for Pets

How to Keep Little Hearts Humming
An early diagnosis and three effective supplements can boost the heart health of beloved cats and dogs.

Decoding Dog Body Talk

Three Signals of Anxiety
When our dogs feel threatened or anxious, their body language tells the story—if we know what to look for.

Detecting Disease

Liver and Adrenal Issues Share Symptoms
Regular laboratory testing allows for early diagnosis and treatment of these serious conditions. Combining conventional therapies with natural remedies usually results in successful outcomes.

Doggy Breath

Cures for Your Animal's Stinky Mouth
Here are some at-home measures that, when combined with regular dental cleanings, will work to minimize an animal’s bad breath.
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Chemicals Harm Pets, Too

Furry Friends are Affected

Natural Eye Care for Aging Dogs

Tips for Healthy Canine Eyesight

Natural TLC

Indoor Pollutants Take a Toll on Pets