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Cat & Canine Cuisine

Recipes by Dr. Carol Osborne
You can prepare a homemade diet for your pet as easily as for your family. Here are some tried-and-true kitchen creations that will treat your beloved pets to five-star, lip smacking-good nourishment.

Dish Up Variety

Treat Your Dog to Good Health and Good Taste
Nobody wants to eat the same thing, day in and day out—not even the dog. Variety brings interest to the bowl and makes for a healthier, happier pet.

Eye Health for Dogs

10 Foods to Keep Canine Vision Sharp
Blueberries, eggs and garlic may not be high on a dog’s food list, but they go far to protect a canine from serious eye disease.

Fat Fight

Like Us, Pets Must Eat Right and Keep Moving
For fat cats and paunchy pooches, some simple steps to make sure they shave off pounds to live longer, healthier lives.

Home Recipes

Human Foods are Good for Pets
Renowned veterinarian suggests that feeding our pets homemade foods similar to those we enjoy is a sound, healthy choice.
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