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Archive »Natural Pet Vet Care

Laser Power

21st Century Pet Therapy Options
Safe, effective laser technology can deliver pain relief and healing for our furred and feathered companions. Best of all, it’s non-invasive.
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Archive »Natural Pet Wellness & AA

Walking The Cat

Harness a Curious Cat for a Lively Stroll
Given a gentle introduction, a cat can learn to love a leash and relish daily walks around the neighborhood.
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Archive »Natural Pet Healing

Animal Chiropractic

The Benefits of a Well-Adjusted Pet
Horses, dogs, cats, pigs and even elephants and birds have been permanently helped by spinal adjustments performed by animal chiropractors.
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Archive »Natural Pet Nutrition

Eye Health for Dogs

10 Foods to Keep Canine Vision Sharp
Blueberries, eggs and garlic may not be high on a dog’s food list, but they go far to protect a canine from serious eye disease.
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Archive »Natural Pets This Month

Choosing the Perfect Pet

Not Just Any Dog or Cat Will Do
Will it be a mischievous shelter puppy or adult feline? When picking a pet to share our love with, it’s wise to consider its size, temperament, needs and costs.
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Natural Pet Briefs

Animal Friends Soothe Autistic Children

Relief for Stressful Social Situations

No Worries: Cats Naturally Eat Less in Summer

Take Appetite Swings in Stride

Creature Crime

Feds Make Animal Abuse a Felony

Chemicals Harm Pets, Too

Furry Friends are Affected

Natural Eye Care for Aging Dogs

Tips for Healthy Canine Eyesight

Mall Dogs

Humane Pet Nonprofits Follow the Crowds

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Archive »En Español

Cómo escoger la mascota perfecta

No todos los gatos o perros son adecuados para todas las personas

Quiropráctica para mascotas

Los beneficios para una mascota de un buen ajuste quiropráctico

Salud visual para perros

Diez alimentos para mantener aguda la visión de los perros