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Archive »Natural Pet Vet Care

The Right Vet for Your Pet

Animals Thrive with Gentle, Safe and Natural Approaches
Holistic medicine is just as nourishing and effective for our pets as it is for humans.
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Archive »Natural Pet Wellness & AA

Hot Days Are Hard on Pets

How to Prevent, Detect and Treat Heatstroke
Pets such as bulldogs and rabbits are particularly vulnerable to heatstroke, but we can cut the risks by taking preventive measures and knowing what to do if a pet is overcome.
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Archive »Natural Pet Healing

Stressed-Out Pets

Natural Ways to Calm Fear and Anxiety
Life as a beloved American pet might seem ideal, but 70 million of our cats and dogs are medicated for anxiety and depression.
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Archive »Natural Pet Nutrition

Cool Chow

Icy Treats for Hot Summer Days
With a little time and ingenuity, we can ease our furry friends through the heat with homemade icy preparations of fruit, veggies and poultry.
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Archive »Natural Pets This Month


How to Slim a Fat Feline
Three of five American cats are overweight, but simple feeding and exercise strategies can restore a plump feline to jungle-cat sleekness.
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Natural Pet Briefs

Sentient Beings

New Zealand Enacts Bill Recognizing Animal Intelligence

Animal Friends Soothe Autistic Children

Relief for Stressful Social Situations

No Worries: Cats Naturally Eat Less in Summer

Take Appetite Swings in Stride

Creature Crime

Feds Make Animal Abuse a Felony

Chemicals Harm Pets, Too

Furry Friends are Affected

Natural Eye Care for Aging Dogs

Tips for Healthy Canine Eyesight

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Archive »En Español


Casa limpia con mascotas

Sugerencias para mantener su casa limpia si tiene mascotas

Maneje las criaturas silvestres con cuidado

Cómo ayudar de forma segura a los animales heridos

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