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Archive »Natural Pet Vet Care

Laser Power

21st Century Pet Therapy Options
Safe, effective laser technology can deliver pain relief and healing for our furred and feathered companions. Best of all, it’s non-invasive.
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Archive »Natural Pet Wellness & AA

Walking The Cat

Harness a Curious Cat for a Lively Stroll
Given a gentle introduction, a cat can learn to love a leash and relish daily walks around the neighborhood.
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Archive »Natural Pet Healing

Pain-Free Pooch

Five Natural Therapies that Work
Modalities such as massage, acupuncture and energy healing can ease pain in injured and aging dogs.
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Archive »Natural Pet Nutrition

Lustrous Pooch

10 Foods to Make a Dog’s Coat Glow
Beyond pills and oils, choosing to feed a dog these whole foods gives a healthy shine to its skin and coat.
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Archive »Natural Pets This Month

Animal Talk

They Have Lots to Say If We’d Only Listen
Animals continually communicate, and by quieting our minds, we can tune into what they’re saying.
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Natural Pet Briefs

No Worries: Cats Naturally Eat Less in Summer

Take Appetite Swings in Stride

Creature Crime

Feds Make Animal Abuse a Felony

Chemicals Harm Pets, Too

Furry Friends are Affected

Natural Eye Care for Aging Dogs

Tips for Healthy Canine Eyesight

Mall Dogs

Humane Pet Nonprofits Follow the Crowds

Better Doggie Bags

Want Not, Waste Not

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Archive »En Español

El lenguaje de los animales

Tienen mucho que decir si escuchamos bien

Cuidadores perfectos de mascotas

Asegúrese de que su mascota también disfrute sus vacaciones

Cómo enseñar a un gato a caminar con correa

Póngale un arnés a un gato curioso para un divertido paseo