October 2014

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Global Briefs

Household Hazards

At least 33 states are examining the toxic chemicals found in such products as toys, cans, bedding and baby shampoos.

Doable Renewables

Stanford engineers have drafted a plan that uses available technology to move each state to 100 percent wind, water and solar power use by 2050.

Clever Collaborations

In London, Germany and China, smart strategies are fueling the rising use of alternative energy sources.

False Alarm

The European Union is reconsidering its position on “Best before” date labels, which cause people to prematurely toss still-edible eatables.

Conservation Covenant

Yellowstone managers have pledged steep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions as well as lower electricity and water consumption.

Coral Countdown

Now shrunk to one-sixth of their original coral cover, Caribbean reefs are in decline, but restoring parrotfish populations and other natural eco-strategies offer hope of their renewal.

Fracking Flub

The impact of fracking on the environment has been underestimated because surveys have not included accurate measurements of methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

Coastal Caretaking

Tropical coastlines, increasingly endangered by rising populations and climate change, should be zoned to arrange for competing uses to foster sustainability.

Make Mulch

From leaves to yard trimmings to ground-up vines, materials for good moisture-retaining mulch can often be found in our own yards.
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Health Briefs

Acupuncture Lowers Meth Withdrawal Symptoms

Natural Treatment for Addicts

Water Fluoridation Gets Another Thumbs-Down

Dangerous Risks Associated with Fluoride

Yoga Practice Pumps Up Detoxifying Antioxidants

Three Month Study Finds Health Benefits

Energy Efficiency Improves Family Health

Good for the Environment and Personal Well-being

Lower Breast Cancer Risk by Eating Colorful Veggies

Cut Your Risk in Half
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Dynamic Duo

Chiropractors throughout the country are finding that after they correct a patient’s structural problems with spinal manipulation, the use of acupuncture facilitates healing.

Dr. Andrew Weil on America’s Evolution into Integrative Medicine

Natural Awakenings had the opportunity to pose progressive healthcare-related questions to Dr. Andrew Weil.
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Fit Body

Breath-Taking Wisdom

Breathing with intention works to reduce stress, diminish pain and clear out mental cobwebs.
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Conscious Eating

An A for Apples

Dense in antioxidants, apples ward off chronic illnesses; some varieties deliver even more beneficial nutrients than others.
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Green Living

The Sun’s Electrifying Future

As technological advancements and lower costs deliver solar power to even remote villages, it is becoming an accessible engine of economic progress.
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Live Your True Self

When our focus shifts away from survival, we gain access to our essential self and act from a higher consciousness.
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Wise Words

Airwaves Activist

The host of Living on Earth ponders the threat of global warming, the show’s impact on eco-politics, and the importance of listener feedback.
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Healthy Kids

Trick & Treat

Host a Halloween that’s Natural, Healthy and Cost-Conscious
From natural gelatin dyes and safe face-painting to healthier cat-and-scarecrow-shaped pizzas, there’s lots of ways to create a planet-friendly and funtastic Halloween for kids.
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Natural Pet

New Cancer Test for Dogs

A simple new blood test allows cancer to be detected four to six months before a dog develops outward symptoms.