October 2013

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Global Briefs

Eco-Power Tower

The cloudy skies in Seattle pose no problem for the new Bullitt Center with its photovoltaic roof panels and eco-wise plumbing.


Breeding based partly on modern demand is threatening the survival of diverse farm animal species that could be critical to human welfare.

Krill Kill

Warming sea currents and new fishing technologies are killing off the ocean’s stock of krill, the tiny Arctic crustaceans that nourish fish, whales, penguins and seabirds.

Course Correction

At last, a new science curriculum adopted by 26 states discusses how human activities contribute to climate change.

Garbage Galore

A new vortex of discarded plastic has been spotted floating in the South Pacific off the coast of Chile.

Suffocating Earth

Just this year, a change in Brazil’s land code has doubled the rate of tree-cutting in Amazon’s critical rain forest.

Fossil-Fuel Freedom

An ambitious study maps out ways that New York State can phase out its old power plants and convert totally to renewable energy in just 40 years.

Pivot Point

Better manufacturing is reducing the coal-powered electricity necessary to produce solar panels.

Johnny Appleseeding

Across America, volunteers are pitching in to plant trees in order to beautify urban space, shore up watersheds, improve air quality and provide wildlife habitats.
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Health Briefs

Natural Eye Care for Aging Dogs

Tips for Healthy Canine Eyesight

Dulse Seaweed a Heart Health Powerhouse

A Functional Food Packed with Protein

Grapes Grapple with Metabolic Syndrome

Fat Fighting Fruit

More Plastics, More Obese Kids

A Common Chemical's Link to Children's Health

Acupuncture’s Growing Acceptance

Americans Open to Oriental Medicine

Cavities are Contagious

Kiss with Care

Mercury Raises Risk of Diabetes and Heart Attacks

Health Dangers Related to Exposure

October is National Spinal Health Month

A Good Reason to Visit A Chiropractor
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Energy Healing Comes of Age

At a recent medical conference, allopathy met alternative complements in lectures that introduced doctors to qigong, light bodies, prana and other energy healing concepts.
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Fit Body

Trekking as Pilgrimage

For causes ranging from climate change to spiritual insights, people are putting on their hiking boots and going the distance.
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Conscious Eating

Ancestral Diets

It was never just about meat. The latest trend in adapting cavemen diets means more veggies, fruits and sprouts on the plate.
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Green Living

Shop with the Planet in Mind

Green shopping means knowing the eco-cost of our choices – such as the fact that it takes 630 gallons of water to produce one hamburger.

Easing Earth's Rising Fever

There’s still time to act in concrete ways to dramatically reduce the volume of carbon dioxide-emissions from worldwide burning of fossil fuels and to ease the impact of extreme weather on future generations.
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All the Time in the World

By changing the way we think of time, we can luxuriate in it instead of stressing over the ticking clock.
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Wise Words

The Power of One

Over 10 years after saving a tree named Luna and a surrounding California redwood grove, we catch up with Julia Butterfly Hill and learn what projects she is currently working on.
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Healthy Kids

Starry-Eyed Kids

Clear Skies, Cool Nights Open Vast Vistas
Put a telescope in front of kids and they’ll find in the wide night sky a classroom of awe and wonder.
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Natural Pet

Parroting a Wild Diet

To keep a parrot chirping with joy, treat it to healthy homemade “chop” and set up a foraging game in its cage.