October 2012

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Global Briefs


This eco-pioneer authored Silent Spring 50 years ago. Now author Laurie Lawlor and illustrator Laurie Beingessner bring her message to today’s youth in a riveting children’s book.

Good Idea

You can monitor your eco-progress at this website, which helps you become greener by suggesting activities and ideas to consider and then check off when they have been accomplished, all while exchanging ideas with an interactive community.

Food Fight

California’s Proposition 37, on the state’s November ballot, would require manufacturers to label genetically modified food. You can learn more and take supportive action at our online link.

Developing Problem

The purchase of swampland in Florida and other states helps nurture essential biodiversity.

Jurassic Ark

Extinction may not be forever, after all. Scientists predict that bacteria and other microbes buried in polar ice sheets could awaken as glaciers thaw, to threaten contemporary species.

Let’s Eat

October 24 is National Food Day, providing a national focus for food-related initiatives across the country.

Number Please

Cut paper waste via this industry-sponsored online opt-out registry, which lets you stop delivery or choose which directories you still want to receive.

Tech Trash

The collective economies of Africa are set on a course to produce more electronic e-waste than Europe by 2017.

Busty Justice

October is Bra Recycling Month, an initiative that distributes clean, gently used bras to women in communities around the world. Learn how to participate.

Green Gendering

Sociologists have discovered that, controlling for other factors, in nations where women’s status is higher, CO2 emissions are lower.
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Health Briefs

Breast Cancer Links to Environmental Toxins

New Evidence Comes from a Surprising Source

ABCs Keep Colon Cancer at Bay

Protect Yourself with these Fruits and Veggies

The Phthalates–Diabetes Connection

These Toxins Could Double Your Risk

Caffeine a No-No for Babies

Attention Breastfeeding Moms

Vitamin D Curbs Depression

Low Levels Linked to Low Moods

Washday Woes

Scented Products Pollute the Air

October 24 is Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Day

Ancient Energy-Balancing and Pain-Relieving Therapies

Breast Health Screening Questioned

Causing More Harm than Help?

Dentists Can Help Diagnose Gluten Sensitivity

A Mouthful of Clues
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Chiropractic Care

More than 100 techniques and endless permutations of adjustments and thrusts can be used to help bring the body back into alignment and health.
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Fit Body

Team Up and Have a Ball

Fall is the ideal time to sign up for winter league play—bowling, volleyball and basketball offer fun ways to stay fit and connect with others.
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Conscious Eating

Global Flavors

Celebrating Vegetarian Awareness Month, we take a tasty look at the continuing evolution of vegetarian eating habits and offer recipes from leading cookbooks.
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Green Living

Follow the Lifecycle

Everything we use has a lifecycle, or duration of impact. Our cradle-to-cradle chart provides helpful comparisons.
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Collaborative Conservation

The American bald eagle and other decimated populations targeted by international conservation efforts, from Rwanda’s mountain gorillas to India’s wild tigers, show encouraging signs of recovery.
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Wise Words

The Four Qualities of a True Statesman

A statesman is a free leader of a free people and must possess these four essential qualities.
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Healthy Kids

Children Follow Adult Examples

Enabling “We” Instead of “Me”
Children follow adult examples, and experience shows we can help guide our children by showing the compassion that nurtures kids’ own caring instincts.
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Natural Pet

Managing Mange

This troublesome health condition can cause discomfort for dogs and cats if not properly treated. Learn what to look for and what types of therapies your veterinarian may recommend.