November 2014

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Global Briefs

USA Made

Products from clothing to food to appliances made in the U.S. are produced to higher standards. Plus buying them supports our economy and national security.

Cash Mobs

Close on the heels of dancing and protesting flash mobs, “cash mobs” are popping up—people that flood a beloved locally-owned store on a certain day to infuse it with sales and renewed customer relationships.

Golden Years

To ease the financial pinch and loneliness of aging boomer women, a new website offers algorithms that help in locating like-minded roommates.


Time banking, a web-savvy form of barter, allows users to exchange services—such as doing an hour of housecleaning to gain an hour-long cello lesson.

Tomato Lacquer

A new resin lining made of tomato plant byproducts promises to keep canned food fresh without the use of chemical-based linings.

Junk Piles

As mounds of discarded appliances and electronics grow in Latin America and worldwide, the United Nations is advising governments on ways to deal with the waste.

Saying No

In refusing to issue gold-mining permits, El Salvador and Costa Rica are putting the value of environmental integrity ahead of near-term financial gain.

Big Fish

As whales rebound in numbers, their ecological role grows more apparent, the latest being their role in providing iron and nitrogen to surface organisms essential to marine food chains.

Shark Snooping

An unmanned robot deep in the ocean near San Francisco is allowing Stanford researchers to track the travel patterns of great white sharks and populations of sea creatures.


A massive tree-planting program and solar-power initiatives are two promising programs emerging on the environmentally-challenged subcontinent.
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Health Briefs

Organics Boast More Nutrients, Fewer Toxins

Lower Pesticides, Higher Antioxidants

Looking at Beautiful Art Bumps Up Brain Activity

Effects of Aesthetic Appreciation of Paintings

Lead Lurks in Lipsticks and Skin Whiteners

Dangerous Ingredients in Beauty Products

Algae-Based Cosmetics May Ward Off Inflammation and Cancer

Protection for Skin Cells

Honey and Ginger Beat Antibiotics in Fighting Superbugs

Powerful Natural Remedies

Treadmill Desks Boost Job Performance

More Than Just Fitness Benefits
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Midday Pick-Me-Up

If they’re planned properly and are not too long, naps during the workday can enhance our mental agility and productivity.
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Fit Body

Cellulite Shrinkers

Sure, it takes a little effort, but doing these straightforward routines will build leg muscles and reduce unsightly lumps and dimples.
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Conscious Eating

Beauty Foods

Eating the right detox diet—mostly veggies and fruit—can melt away pounds, cause skin to glow and hair to shine.
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Green Living


With close-at-hand natural ingredients like honey and baking soda, we can create beauty products that are safe, affordable and effective.
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Powerful You!

When we follow a vision, hatch a plan and learn to counter misguided beliefs, we become the best version of our true self.

Practice Gratitude and Change Your Life

The more often we practice the simple act of saying “Thanks,” the more deeply joy and appreciation become ingrained in our character.
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Wise Words

Growing Up with Wayne Dyer

The example of her parents’ self-actualized lives led her to make conscious, authentic choices for herself.
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Healthy Kids

Bring Back the Magic

Give Kids the True Gifts of the Season
By teaching kids to be wary of ads, lower their expectations for presents, and think first of others, we can introduce them to the meaningful, lasting joys the holidays offer.
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Natural Pet

Playful Pet Gifts

Simple, inexpensive holiday gifts can easily delight a pet—especially if they mean spending more time with us.