November 2013

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Global Briefs

Table Label

The eco-conscious Mexican fast food chain is labeling genetically modified (GM, GMO) items in its menus plus switching to GMO-free sunflower oil.

Capital Idea

To boost the survival chances of local startups, a Web-based lender enables people to crowd-source low-interest business loans.

Safer Sleep

Polymers found in crustacean shells can retard fires in bedding and mattresses, replacing the endocrine disrupters now in widespread use in the U.S.


A Washington company has stopped selling bamboo clothing after a federal report found little if any bamboo in labeled products.

Frack Attack

Two fracking operations on oil rigs off the California coast near Santa Barbara have been given the go-ahead by the feds.

Holy Eco-Crisis!

Brown bats are being wiped out by a European soil fungus, raising the danger of crops being ravaged by insects the bats would normally devour.

Digital Detox

A national drive is underway to separate children, even if briefly, from the digital devices that work to distract thinking and pull down grades.

Pass Go

Instead of winner-take-all Monopoly, the game Co-opoly rewards fairness and social justice.

Second Verse

Paraguay children that live off the waste in landfills have turned garbage into music and are playing around the world.

Giving Group

People ages 20 to 35 are generous and committed when it comes to contributing to causes they believe in.
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Health Briefs

Tanning Beds Invite Melanoma

Not-So-Healthy Glow

Mindful Meditation Relieves Inflammation

Reduce Stress, Reduce Symptoms

Rosemary Revs Up Memory

Essential Oil Enhances the Ability to Recall the Past

Happy Life, Healthy Heart

Positivity Reduces Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

The Killer Called Sugar

Bitter Health Effects

Walnuts Strengthen Sperm

A Natural Fertility Boost
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The Path to Inner Peace

To experience deep peace within, we must discern how much effort we put into trying to be okay all the time.
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Fit Body

Jungle Gym

Mimicking four-legged creatures like bears and leopards builds stronger, leaner and more agile bodies.
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Conscious Eating

Grain Free & Brain Bright

Switching from wheat and high-carb foods to good fats and above-ground veggies can counter the inflammation linked to Alzheimer’s and other cognitive illnesses.
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Green Living

Crafting a Green Holiday

Fun ways to be creative, be kind to the planet and gussy up your house for the holidays—all at the same time.
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Fast Track to Personal Growth

Teachers in venues across the nation are offering approaches that expand personal health and transformation to include healing the ills of the planet.

Living Gratitude

Gratitude can be learned easily and simply; the payoff is a warmer heart and lighter step.
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Wise Words

The Miracle of Midlife

It’s the time to get serious, get going and get real about how we want to spend the rest of our lives.
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Healthy Kids

Superpower Kids’ Immune Systems

Natural Health Experts Share How
The right diet, exercise, and supplements can keep kids healthy during the onslaught of cold weather.
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Natural Pet

Saving Animals Saves People

From soldiers’ dogs to wounded cockatoos, animals that need our help often turn out to be extreme blessings in helping us.