Wakeup Call

Teens Talk About the Perils of Junk Food

Mike Adams, a self-proclaimed health ranger, says, “This is the movie that food companies hope you never see.” All Jacked Up, a 2008 junk food documentary, peers into the lives of four typical teens, exposing the real personal dangers of their penchant for junk foods, fast foods and sodas.

The film has been characterized as a hip look at common sense that could save our lives and the lives of our families, a Super Size Me for the younger generation. Through frankly looking at what’s going on inside their own bodies, hearts and minds, and the bill of goods they’re being sold in today’s processed foods, teens who watch often wake up and change their diet. A top-flight board of nutritionists consulted on the film.

For information visit www.AllJackedUpMovie.com.

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Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide glyphosate, which harms both soil and human health, has been found in 10 of 10 California wines tested, including organic ones.


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