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Spiritual Awakenings by Jana

MapVillage Blvd.
West Palm Beach, FL 33409
  • Health
  • Esoteric Healing


“I am here to assist you on your life journey and awakening process through the use of my spiritual gifts and tools.” -Rev.Jana Krause

Workshops and Classes at http://janasworkshopsclassesandpsychicfairs.blogspot.com

Rev. Jana Krause is an ADL (Allicance of Divine Love)Minister. She is an energy sensitive and reads your aura and energy field by seeing symbols and patterns. She is a clairvoyant, psychic, intuitive and empath. Jana uses hypnosis for past-life regression, test anxiety, and self confidence. She combines all this to assist you in intuitive and spiritual counseling. Jana teaches Meditation classes, Spiritual Awareness,Intuition, Telepathy, The Universal Laws of Attraction, and Beginning Tarot. She has also been a speaker and teacher for various groups in Palm Beach County. Jana is also the Producer of the Mystic Holistic Hour on internet television at www.WRPBiTV.com on Wednesday nights at 7:05 PM ET.

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