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Shelly Smith
MapPickens, SC
  • Health


You have everything you need within you, to feel better, to feel more peaceful, and to free yourself of unconscious stuff - the negative feelings and limiting beliefs that are sabatoging your relationships, making you sick, or causing you to feel stressed, unhappy, or unfulfilled. All you need is someone to help you get below the surface mental chatter, so that you can access the suppressed negative energy that is stored in your bodymind. The bodymind is simply the unconscious mind. While we like to think that our conscious minds are running the show, studies show that it is our unconscious mind, the bodymind, that is driving our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. So if you want to make lasting changes, you must get to the root of what's blocking you. You must access that bodymind and hear what it's trying to say and learn how to talk to the negative energies that are stored there.

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