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Bios Institute

Michelle O'Carroll
  • Green Living


Fusing the sacred design traditions of ancient India and China with the latest advancements in environmental science, Bios Institute uses precise, time-tested methodologies to align your home or workplace with the universal laws of spatial energy. Whether renting, remodeling or building, we’ll help you supercharge your environment to create good health, abundance and prosperity.

Submit your floor plan, the facing direction of your residence and date of construction, along with a completed questionnaire about the birth time and place of each occupant and any issues they are having (health, financial, emotional, etc). Then receive a detailed report (25-30 pages, PDF format) with recommendations for your site/landscape design, interior arrangement and decor, all notated on your floor plan. A follow-up phone call is also included to answer questions and clarify recommendations.

Web-based consultations available nationwide. On-site consultations available throughout the northeast and beyond, depending on the scope of work. Schematic design services available for new construction.

FREE introductory consult with mention of Natural Awakenings!

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