May 2015

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Global Briefs

Dirty Dollars

Four out of five items in dollar stores contain at least one hazardous chemical, a study’s found.

Animal Genocide

Wildlife managers are reducing the numbers of one species to protect another, such as killing colonies of crested cormorants to protect salmon and trout.

Tool Pool

In a new development in the sharing economy, Maine farmers have started a “lending library” of pricey but periodically invaluable farm tools and machines.


Eight restaurants in Maplewood, Missouri, have voluntarily adopted strict sustainability and green business practices.

Persistent Pacers

In a study of 131 marathons, Danish researchers found that women keep a steadier pace and that both men and women could avoid “burn out” by starting slower.

Enflamed Water

Toxic flame retardants found in the Columbia River in Washington State were apparently sloughed off couches and TVs onto clothes that were then laundered.

Raised Right

We can honor our mother—and respectfully bow to future generations—by giving flowers that are homegrown or purchased pesticide-free.

Corporate Climate

On several measures, businesses are becoming more environmentally progressive in such areas as emissions control, water use and waste production.

EPA Blooper

Cyantraniliprole, a pesticide linked to bee decline and to liver and thyroid damage in lab animals, has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.
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Health Briefs

Meditation Improves Brain Health

Increases Memory and Learning Capacity

Heart Disease Detected Early with Breath Testing

Simple Way to Check Cardiovascular Health

Weight Gain in Moms Lowers Toxins in Newborns

New Study for Expectant Mothers

To Get Healthy, Get a Healthy Partner

Achieve Optimal Results Together

Italian Court Links Boy’s Autism to a Vaccine

Findings Lead to Justice for Family
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Rethinking Breast Health

With a sensible holistic approach, we can keep our breasts not only cancer-free but also firm and pain-free, while cherishing them as emblems of our femininity.

Giving Birth Naturally

Careful planning allows us to have a natural, relatively painless childbirth in a gentle setting.
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Fit Body

Flexing Our Muscles

Strength training amps up our natural metabolic furnace, burns fat, stabilizes our core, and fuels self-confidence.
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Conscious Eating

Eating Skinny

Diet fads come and go, but one fact remains: Eating more veggies is a sure route to weight control.
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Green Living

Upcycled Décor

Using imagination, verve, and a little effort, dull pieces of old furniture can be transformed into artistic centerpieces.
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Moving Beyond Survival

Surviving a disease or crisis is something to be proud of, but we aren’t honoring the whole of who we are if it’s the primary way we identify our self.
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Wise Words

Laura Prepon’s Journey to Health

After struggling for years with health issues, the popular actress has found healing through new ways of eating and self-nurturing.
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Healthy Kids

Kids Love Veggies

How to Instill Healthy Lifelong Habits
Kids tend to be picky eaters, but with these simple strategies they can learn to enjoy many kinds of vegetables and stay open to trying new foods.
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Natural Pet

Pet Vaccine Alternatives

Judicious and timely use of vaccines using holistic principles can protect a pet from disease without harming its natural immune system.