May 2011

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Global Briefs

American Woman

The recently released Women in America report, the first since 1963, outlines women’s social and economic well-being today and over time, with a goal of generating ideas for an improved future.

Urban Forest

Banners whose designs are a metaphor for the tree, a symbol of sustainability, are sprouting up on light posts at high-traffic locations throughout cities participating in the Urban Forest Project.

Sustainable Future

Some 41 million consumers are part of the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) demographic that eco- and health-conscious companies and entrepreneurs are courting.

Farm Aid

Residents of Sedgwick are adopting a Local Food and Self-Governance Ordinance, setting a precedent for other towns looking to preserve small-scale farming and food processing.

Smile Factor

Which states have the happiest people, and why? The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index survey uncovered some surprising answers.

Bicycle Economy

Across the U.S., pedal power is growing as bikeway networks emerge and on-street parking becomes wheel-friendly.

Clean & Green

Hang ’em high! Sweet-smelling, air-dried clothes save money and the planet—clothes dryers consume as much as 6 percent of all household energy.
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Health Briefs

Bundled Deductibles

Breast-feeding Benefits Now Recognized by the IRS

Video Games Boost Daddy-Daughter Bonds

This Type of Play can Connect Families

Whole Grains Dispose of Body Fat

Another Reason to Make the Switch

How Laser Heat Fights Wrinkles

Treatments for Youthful-looking Skin

Chemical Alert

Caution to Expectant Mothers

Hot Flashes Signal Good News

Bless those "Heat Waves"

Watercress May Help Bust Cancer

Possible Health Benefits of Eating this Green

More Reasons to See a Dentist Regularly

Health Benefits Go Beyond the Pearly Whites
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Restorative Rubdowns

No longer viewed as just a pampering experience, massage is now acknowledged by the medical community for its positive effects. Few therapies are as multi-beneficial to mind, body and spirit.

Natural Beauty - Head to Toe

Experts agree: The secret to true beauty is to work from the inside out, as well as the outside in. Our panel of beauty professionals offers helpful lifestyle and care advice for skin, hair and nails.

Baby On Board

This tip-filled primer offers practical pointers geared to keeping you and baby happy and healthy through every stage of the childbirth process.
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Fit Body

Swing Into Community Tennis

For beginners or those who haven’t played for several years, doubles tennis offers a less physically demanding way to experience the sport’s social and fitness benefits.
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Conscious Eating

Foods for Ageless Beauty

Studies tell us that skin can absorb up to 60 percent of what we apply to it. So, feeding skin high-quality nutrients may be as important as the foods we eat.
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Green Living

Sustainable Beauty

Hey, there, Gorgeous—it’s easier than you think to beautify yourself without dirtying Mother Earth. Try these 21 simple tips to green your daily routine.
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Mothering the World

Isha Judd notes that true love of self radiates out to encompass all people, all beings and Mother Earth. By focusing on this transformative, unconditional love, we become universal mothers of the world, helping humanity evolve.
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Wise Words

Birthing a New World

A scholar, author, philosopher and leading founder of the human potential movement, Houston believes that the rise of women and the re-patterning of human nature in the 21st century may be one of the most important events in human history.
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Healthy Kids

Baby On Board

How to Sustain Health Before and After Pregnancy
This tip-filled primer offers practical pointers geared to keeping you and baby happy and healthy through every stage of the childbirth process.
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Natural Pet

Alzheimer's Alternatives

Cognitive disorder is the most common chronic degenerative disease affecting older dogs and cats. New approaches recommended by holistic vets offer preventive tips and help for existing symptoms.