May 2008

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Global Briefs

Frugal Fashion

Clothing can consume a big chunk of the family budget. Here are some good options for making clothes last longer.

Happy Habitat

Spring brings beautiful birds and butterflies to wildlife-friendly locations all along their American migration routes. Each year, residents may welcome these courageous visitors with a needed haven of essentials.

Worthy Service

Forces are joining to provide individuals with RecyclePaks for easy drop-off of worn-out compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) at 37,000 postal facilities.

Money Counts

The Big Green Purse’s “One in a Million” campaign is urging a million American women to shift $1,000 of the money they’d spend this year anyway into the camp of green products and services.

Three Rs

Thanks to the United Nations Children’s Fund, 6 million Afghan children, including 2 million girls, are now enrolled in school in Afghanistan—the largest number in the country’s history.

Seeing Red

The World Conservation Union has added 188 animals and plants to its Red List, a tally of the flora and fauna most threatened with extinction.

Underwater Paradise

Scientists say rising sea levels along Florida’s coastline are a harbinger of major changes underway in the state’s geography.
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Health Briefs

Acupuncture Alleviates Menstrual Pain

An Alternative Way to Keep Discomfort at Bay

A Good Start for Baby

Help Your Offspring Develop a Taste for Nutrition

Juice Debate Update

A Natural Source of Vitamins and Antioxidants

Slender Women Eat Yogurt

A Slimming Treat

Cooked or Raw?

The Best Way to Eat Your Veggies

Think Twice

...About Taking a Break from Your Exercise Regimen
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Thermograms More User-Friendly than Mammograms

With breast cancer on the rise and prevention now considered more valuable than cure, women are beginning to educate themselves on the option of including a thermogram in their annual check-up.
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Fit Body

Gardening As Exercise

A beautiful yard flowing with flowers or a hearty vegetable garden can double as a comprehensive gym. If you garden on a regular basis, odds are you are getting a healthy dose of exercise.
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Healthy Kids

What to Inspect When Expecting

A Handy Health Checklist for Pregnancy
Pregnancy is not only the most critical time for establishing a new baby’s well-being, it’s also the time when mom is especially vulnerable to a stew of harmful chemicals. The good news is that mom can take care of herself and her coming little one simply by practicing a few of these 10 steps.
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Natural Pet

Easy Breathing Aids Dog Training

Paying attention to the breath is one of the best ways to increase concentration, and the single most important tool in developing and maintaining focus and control when interacting with a dog in any manner.