March 2015

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Global Briefs

Cultivating Youth

Farmers are greying-out as a group, but they’re pursuing educational and networking efforts to pull in younger people to work the soil in healthy ways.

Salty Harvest

As sea vegetables such as kelp and dulse show up on more menus, entrepreneurial fishermen are starting to farm these crops.

Feeding the World

Pushing back against free trade agreements that favor multinationals, a United Nations Commission has called for more diversity, less fertilizer and smaller-scale farms.

Stop Drops

Water leaks can damage homes and silently siphon money out of household budgets, but there are simple ways to detect and fix them.

Holy Batastrophe!

Bats are so critical to insect control that they are protected in many European countries, yet high numbers are being killed by whirling hard-edged wind turbines.

Frack Attack

A leading scientist has detected poisonous chemicals both in groundwater and in the air near fracking sites and warns of the long-term risk of cancer in nearby areas.
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Health Briefs

Wild Thyme Kills Breast Cancer Cells

More Than a Cooking Spice

Bugs Linked to Factory Farm Antibiotics

Cause of Most Urinary Tract Infections

Even Modest Drinking Raises Risk of Heart Disease

Alcohol Can Hinder Cardiovascular Health

Register Receipts Low Risk for BPA

Exposure Falls Within Safe Limits

Ginkgo Biloba Calms ADHD, Boosts Memory

Natural Solution for Brain Function

Meditation Minimizes Migraines

Mindfulness Reduces Episodes
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Love Your Greens!

Ever heard of massaging kale? It’s only one of the creative ways to make greens a tasty part of a meal.
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Fit Body

Popular Fitness Myths

Fitness advice is everywhere these days—and much of the most common advice is simply wrong-headed.
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Conscious Eating

The New Healthy Cuisine

Whether dining in a candlelit restaurant or grabbing a snack from a food cart or vending machine, these days we’re more likely to find fresh, unprocessed foods.
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Green Living

A Practical Guide to Composting

Always wanted to compost but unsure how? Here’s a guide to convenient choices that will make it easy to turn kitchen waste into garden gold.
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Mind Gardening

Bad “seeds” can easily be dropped into our mind-garden, so we must exercise wise care in what we allow into consciousness.
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Wise Words

The Earth Diet

Straightforward, healthy recipes that deliver junk-food satisfactions are a popular trait of the Earth Diet, explains its originator.
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Healthy Kids

A Teen’s Guide to the Cultural Galaxy

Foreign Locales Spark Deep Experiences
Whether it’s exploring languages or culture or marine life, there’s a world of opportunities for teens to learn about life when they’re away from home.
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Natural Pet

Lifesaving Acts

Practical approaches can help out injured and neglected animals in our community and save overhunted and endangered animals around the world.