March 2014

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Global Briefs

Portland on Tap

For the fourth time, this progressive city has turned its back on fluoridation, which is now linked to tooth discoloration.


Ten cities demonstrate in spades how community gardens provide healthy food, neighborly cooperation and even a reduction in crime.

Homegrown Access

Entrepreneurs are experimenting with approaches like supplying seeds and expertise and changing laws to make it easier to eat local.

Farm Relief

The FDA is rethinking proposed rules that could have hampered small farms, farmers’ markets, and food banks.

Mercury Mystery

Mercury appears to get into fish when organic matter from industrial nations hits the ocean and then sinks, gathering ocean bacteria.

Looming Law

A global trade pact now being negotiated could force Americans to eat imported foods that do not meet basic safety standards.

Vanishing Whales

Japan, Norway and Iceland allow whaling to continue at a time when many species are down to 1 percent of their historic numbers.
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Health Briefs

DIY Projects Keep Seniors Moving

Simple Tasks Boost Health

Chemicals Harm Pets, Too

Furry Friends are Affected

Coconut Oil Manages Cholesterol, Shrinks Waistlines

Food that Fights Fat

Legumes Improve Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure

The Power of Beans

Vitamin E Hope for Cancer Care

Optimistic New Research

Superfoods Defend Against Radiation

Cruciferous Veggies and Miso Provide Protection

Healthy Food at the Front Door

Freshness Delivered
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Studies show that these herbs heal wounds, protect against cancer, ward off Alzheimer’s and soothe digestion.
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Fit Body

Tweet those Fitness Goals

With Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, we can get all the fitness buddies we need, plus lots of useful strategies.
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Conscious Eating

Fresh Food Trends

A look at four nationwide movements that are reshaping the way we select and process our daily food.

Gluten-Free on the Go

Practical tips for tasty and gluten-free eating at office luncheons and parties and while traveling.
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Green Living

Food Revolution in a Tank

Growing food in indoor tanks makes organic, GMO-free food available at little cost all year long.
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Gardening as Spiritual Practice

Working the soil envelops us in purposefulness, patience, humility and gratitude.
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Wise Words

From “Why Me?” to “Thank You!”

Best-selling author Wayne W. Dyer, Ph.D., discusses his new book, I Can See Clearly Now, a reflection of his life events.
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Healthy Kids

Action Plan for Parents

Seven Signs of Food Sensitivities
An itchy, cranky or earache-prone child may need only a change in diet or mineral supplement.
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Natural Pet

Dog Scouts of America

Now canines can work to garner merit badges for obedience, nose work, water sports and community service.