Consciousness Cleanse

Three Weeks to a Better Future

This month is a powerful time to assess where we’ve been, acknowledge where we are right now and dream our most beautiful life into being. Starting now, we can move from the outdated modes of our limited thinking mind to tune into our eternal divine mind. Acting on these three recommended cleansing phases—one a week for the next three weeks—will work to lift us out of resignation and mediocrity into hope and excitement, and connect us with a future filled with surprises, possibility and deep purpose.

Week One: The Past.

The first seven days of what I call The 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse are dedicated to creating a powerful magnet of desire and cleaning out the turbulent emotions, outdated beliefs, unresolved incidents and restricting thoughts that have taken root in our minds and hearts.

- Write a list of the grudges and resentments you have been carrying around that you are ready to let go. Release them by tearing up the paper into tiny little pieces.

- Understanding that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world, release 100 pieces of clutter from your past that now occupy your home, office and surroundings.

Liberated from the confusion, fear, guilt and self-doubt of the past, you will naturally open up to new realms of awareness, emotional freedom and spiritual liberation.

Week Two: The Present.

Having released everything that has depleted your vitality and held you back, stand firmly in the present moment. Take an honest look at where and who you are today, observing what is and is not working in your life.

- Begin an ongoing present-moment awareness practice today. Set an hourly alarm; then, each time it reminds you, become present for five minutes to nature, to your body and breath or to the present moment itself.

- Surprise yourself by challenging preconceptions of yourself; take measured risks and do something differently today. In this enhanced sense of the present, you can listen more deeply to the calling of your soul.

Week Three: The Future.

In this final phase, you have the opportunity to look into the future and see who you want to be from this day forward.

- Choose a sacred value that can serve as the foundation for your future, such as abundance, compassion, grace or integrity, and surround yourself with images, prayers, songs and scents that invoke it for you. Identify and act on choices that allow you to express that value.

- Spend time each morning, afternoon and evening checking in with your natural divine GPS. See if you made wrong turns and find out where that still, small voice wants you to go next.

Reconnecting with your highest self, you will experience more love, contentment and compassion as you step into the brilliance of your soul’s purpose. Why not seize this extraordinary opportunity to till the soil of your consciousness and plant the seeds of a whole new future?

Debbie Ford is a New York Times bestselling author of eight books, including The Shadow Effect, co-authored with Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson, and The 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse. Visit

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