The Spiritual Pilgrimage

“That Which You are Seeking is Causing You to Seek”

Spiritual pilgrimages, which reached their peak in the Middle Ages, are still a robust fact of life today. Individual journeys to honor the Divine or the mysterious in a meaningful way are made by millions of people every year. Though the largest may be the two million Muslims from 70 countries who travel to Mecca, more than 1,100 sacred sites in 55 countries continue to attract those seeking a transcendent experience.

The intriguing list includes cathedrals, basilicas, monasteries, mosques, stone circles, giant megaliths, caves, sacred waters, murals, frescoes, ruins, temples, shrines, museums, sacred mountains and synagogues, as well as paths walked by religious figures such as Jesus, Buddha, Martin Luther and St. Paul. Dan Brown’s popular book, The Da Vinci Code, has sparked several recent additions. is an ecumenical travel guide charting the spiritual heritage of the world. Its richly illustrated articles, extensive photo gallery and maps accompany practical travel information. Happy journeying.

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