Defining the Neti Pot

A Natural Nasal Decongestant

It looks like a funky miniature teapot, but looks can be deceiving. The neti pot (or netti pot) is an ancient yogic tool used to cleanse the nasal passages of mucus and pollutants. Nasal irrigation is a fast, inexpensive and highly effective way to soothe dry nasal passages and get relief from allergies, congestion, colds and sinusitis, especially when drugs aren’t an option. The use of a neti pot also has proved helpful in easing other respiratory tract illnesses and migraine headaches.

Here’s how it works. Fill the neti pot with warm water with a bit of sea salt or kosher salt to create a saline solution. Bending over a sink or large bowl, pour the liquid into one nostril and then the other to wash them out. If a slight burning sensation occurs, add more salt.

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