Healthier Pots & Pans

Recommended Stoveware Options

The next generation of stoveware will happily wean us from the recent misguided era of no-stick coatings that contain carcinogens. Research shows that heating Teflon and other coated products just 2 to 5 minutes is enough to leach out the chemical PFOA, linked to birth defects in animals, and emit gases toxic enough to kill canaries. No wonder coated pans scratch so easily.

A panhandlers’ best bet? Cast-iron skillets like grandma used and stainless steel-lined pots, pans and casserole baking dishes. Chances are these will outlast even granny’s children. They’re a once-in-a-lifetime purchase.

Recommended stoveware is also superior to earlier unlined copper and aluminum, which, like iron, can dissolve into food. But no one seems to mind a bit more iron in their diet. And its weightiness strengthens biceps.

For details visit Home & Garden menu and search for All-Clad Set and Cast-Iron Cooking for Dummies. Also search for Nonstick Brushed Stainless Cookware Set.

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