On Manhood

Spiritual Masculinity

Jesse Lee Peterson uses every communication medium at his disposal to advocate a new culture of self-responsibility and moral renewal in America. As founder and president of the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND), Peterson is all about rebuilding the family by rebuilding today’s definition of manhood. While it is focused on challenges facing America’s families, his message gives meaning and direction to all our relationships.

Here’s what he has to say about spiritual manhood:

“When God is first in a man’s life, he becomes responsible, and the spirit of true manhood is upon him. Women respect and love men who both acknowledge a Higher Power and demonstrate individual responsibility; they’re willing to complement such men.

“The truly masculine man loves truth more than anything else. He is not egodriven; he is driven by what is right. He is not ruled by his desire for sex, but he is ruled by his desire to honor the source of his being.

“He looks to a Higher Power to guide him, and to the true knowledge he has about himself. He does not rely on others for approval and satisfaction or emotional support. A masculine man is motivated by the truth alone, and he has the strength of character to go ahead and do what is right, no matter what. Others look up to him, because they’ve consistently seen first-hand that he knows what is right and is committed to it.”

Adapted from passages in
From Rage to Responsibility. For information on Jesse Lee Peterson’s nonprofit organization and his nationally syndicated radio show, visit BondInfo.org or call 800-411-2663. An author, speaker and frequent guest on TV newsmakers shows, he also directs the BOND Home for Boys, a character-building after-school program and counseling service in Los Angeles, California.

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